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Street Furniture Restoration - Integrated Metal Supplies

Street Furniture Restoration

Street Furniture Restoration – A New Lease Of Life!

We all know the sight of that decrepit street furniture. That nobody wants to sit on, never mind touch! Scratches, graffiti, chewing gum. Either way, it’s not a nice sight and becomes an eyesore to the public, which shouldn’t happen! A bit of Street furniture restoration should help liven a place up. Making it more communal and just a more lovely environment and atmosphere to be in.

Street furniture maintenance is needed constantly throughout the year. We offer a range of methods in our Street Furniture Restoration service. From chemical washing, mechanical polishing and regenerating pieces of furniture that might need that extra care.

First Impressions

We understand that first impressions count, taking a look at street furniture and being able to pick out flaws is not good enough for anybody. Offering stainless steel restoration, refurbishment and replacement services we promise to shine new light on all of your street furniture.

Please contact one of our team with any queries or questions on our Street Furniture Restoration service.