Stainless Steel Restoration

If you want your place of business to shine, first impressions really count.

Take a look at your Stainless-steel fittings, balustrades and bollards. If they’re not at their best they’re letting you down. We are Specialists in Stainless Steel Restoration and Refurbishments. Our products and services will breathe new life into all your stainless-steel fitments and fixtures. Where surfaces have become pitted and dull, we’ll polish them to perfection. If a bollard is bent or dented we’ll regenerate it with our unique Retro Fit bollard sleeve. If it’s damaged beyond repair, we’ll replace it with a product resembling your existing fittings. As experts in stainless steel bollards and all things stainless steel we’ll remove the grubbiness and put the shine back into them. Whether it’s handrails, cycle stands, furniture or bollards we are the go to specialists. And if we can’t fix it, we can make a replica.



Make your stainless steel look like new with our specialist chemical cleaning and mechanical polishing system. Our stainless Steel Restoration Process is suitable for any stainless steel item including signs, doors, lift interiors, handrails, flagpoles, control panels, sculptures and fountains among many others.


Unique Retro Fit bollard sleeves fit over any size or shape of bollard, creating an “as new” look without the need for replacement. Bollard sleeves can also be matched to contemporary or historic architecture providing an affordable, versatile solution to complex aesthetics.

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We can replace any damaged stainless steel with a product resembling your existing fittings, helping to keep costs down. We will go the extra mile to ensure that only a trained eye could spot the difference!  Powder coating of replacement stainless steel fixtures and fittings is also available for colour matching purposes.


A maintenance contract with us gives you peace of mind. We’ll visit you twice a year to keep your stainless steel shining. Clean, polished stainless steel is always attractive and a maintenance contract ensures it always will be.

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