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Stainless Steel Fabrication | Integrated Metal Supplies

What is Stainless Steel Fabrication?

There are so many products and components out there that were created using stainless steel fabrication methods. These products can go on to enter all kinds of industries. They’re used in homes, by aircraft and a million other examples besides. There are lots of advantages associated with using this method over the alternatives, and it’s all pretty interesting stuff. Even if this area of production and manufacturing seems alien to you right now, it won’t for much longer.

At IMS, we provide stainless steel fabrication services to all kinds of clients in many different sectors and industries. If you’re interested in learning more about stainless steel fabrication, why it’s important and what it involves, you’ve certainly come to the right place. That’s what we’re about to look at now. So, read on and start learning right now.

Why is Stainless Steel Fabrication So Important?

Before we go any further, it’s worth discussing why stainless steel fabrication is so important and why so many companies use services like ours. Stainless steel is an obvious choice for clients who want to ensure that the products they eventually receive are strong and durable. Flexibility is another big deal. There are so many different applications for high-quality stainless steel, and that’s why it’s commercial appeal is so wide.

Architectural projects often make use of stainless steel fabrication, and that offers one clear example of why strength is such an important factor. It’s not something that companies can afford to cut corners on, so they turn to stainless steel for materials with the properties they require. Just as important, stainless steel is very well suited to the fabrication process that companies like ours put it through. It holds its shape and strength while the products are being created.

Heat resistance is another major benefit of stainless steel, and its impact resistance is very good. The fabrication process is so essential because this is when the stainless steel goes from nothing particularly interesting to a product or component that can actually be used out there in the real world. If you ask us, that’s really exciting, not to mention vitally important to the smooth running of our world.

The Process Itself

Now it’s time to delve into the process that we undertake here at IMS every day. Over the years, we’ve worked on creating countless stainless steel products for clients, so we know this process inside out. Here is a clear and in-depth overview of the fabrication process, as well as information on the machinery and tools we use at each stage.

CNC Laser Cutting Machinery

Laser cutting is so important to this process because it’s where it all starts. The metal starts to become something else once we begin to cut it and mould it into the product or component that the client wants. Cutting with a blade is never a good idea when working with stainless steel. It will only damage the metal and hurt the whole process. That’s why we make use of the best CNC laser cutting machinery that’s available today. It allows for high volume work, meaning that many projects can be worked on simultaneously without any hold-ups along the way.

CNC Laser Punching Machinery

We also use CNC laser machinery when the time comes to go through the punching stage of the stainless steel fabrication process. As a result, the punching process is smooth, fast and highly accurate. Those are three things that are absolutely essential. These machines can handle all kinds of metals, so stainless steel is no real challenge for them. They’re also modern and up to date, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best outcomes when you use our services. The machines can also perforate the metal if and when that’s necessary.

CNC Bending and Forming Machinery

It’s usually necessary for the stainless steel to be bent into a particular shape when undertaking client projects. Because of the CNC bending and forming machinery used, it’s possible to ensure that this work is done accurately. Even a slight mistake would ruin the end result for the client, and that’s something we understand perfectly well. The machinery is capable of bending many metals without any problems. Even relatively thick stainless steel can be bent by this machinery. We offer these services for metals up to 127mm thick. This allows us to be very flexible indeed.

Welding and Machining

Welding and machining are both types of work that require real skill and accuracy. That’s why, as well as using the best lathes and machinery available to us, we’ve also assembled a highly skilled team of workers who know what they’re doing. They’re the ones who will be doing the welding and machining for clients each and every day. We regularly carry out welding work on stainless steel products and components, and we’re always happy to take on new projects and challenges in this department. As well as focusing on stainless steel, we’re also able to weld most other metals, so feel free to get in touch no matter what your needs.


As the name would suggest, the final part of the process is finishing. This is the final stage of fabrication that our products undergo, and arguably one of the most important. By finishing a product, we are not only giving the product the appealing aesthetic that keeps our customers coming back but conditioning and protecting the product to withstand use in a variety of environments. Of course, there are many different types of finishing, and the one we use will depend on the demands of the project itself. It could be as simple as finishing the product by hand polishing, or as intricate as acid cleaning. Regardless of the procedure, you can sleep easy knowing all of our products will not leave the door until we are completely satisfied that they will withstand the trials of time.

The process of stainless steel fabrication might seem complicated at first. But hopefully, the information above has widened your knowledge and understanding of this vital aspect of manufacturing. For more information about what we do here at Integrated Metal Supplies, be sure to read more of the information on our website and get in touch if you want to learn more or use our services.