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How Stainless Steel Bollard Restoration Helps Your Business

Many businesses use bollards for security and protection. They’re common in carparks or in driveways, as well as in front of shops, usually to prevent vehicles or perhaps shopping trolleys from travelling in particular directions. Whether they’re static bollards or they can be moved up and down, they’re often a necessary measure of business security. However, many businesses neglect their bollards, which can lead to them deteriorating and giving off a bad impression. Stainless steel bollards are a popular choice for their durability, but even they need care and attention to keep them looking like new. Stainless steel bollard restoration can rescue tired bollards so that your business looks respectable again.

Give the Best First Impression

Making a good impression on anyone who sees your business is important. They don’t even have to come inside or use your business for their opinion to matter. If people think your premises look scruffy, they could complain that you’re bringing down the area. When you have bollards outside, anyone can see them when they walk or drive past or when they use your business. If you keep them shiny and clean, everyone will be able to see that you care about giving a good impression. It makes your business look better, which is vital if you want to make sure your business image is impeccable.

Ensure Safety and Security for Your Business

Bollards are usually necessary to increase safety and security for your business. They might prevent cars and other vehicles entering certain areas. They are also used to prevent people removing things from your property, such as shopping trolleys. When your bollards start to deteriorate, it might not just be their image that is affected. They could also be affected structurally, which might make your business less secure. Restoring a bollard with a retrofit bollard sleeve or perhaps by replacing it completely will ensure that your business remains safe and secure.

Show You Care About the Community

Keeping the whole of your business looking smart shows that you care about your local community. It’s important that you play your part to keep the neighbourhood looking good, whether your business is located on the high street or in a retail park. It’s all part of giving the right impression to the public and to your customers or clients. If you let your stainless steel bollards fall into disrepair, it might not only make your business look bad but also bring down the image of the rest of the area. By keeping them in good condition, you show that your business is playing its part to maintain your local community.

Clean Bollards So They’re Like New

Stainless steel pipe bollards are a great choice if you want a durable material. Stainless steel resists rusts and stains and is perfect for using outside, where it can stand up against rain and winds. However, even stainless steel can eventually start to deteriorate if you don’t take care of it. If your bollards start to become dirty or rusted, you can restore them by cleaning them. Chemical cleaning and mechanical polishing can help to make them look like new again. Stainless Steel Bollard Restoration process is ideal for stainless steel street bollards that are in need of some TLC.

Retro Fit to Avoid Replacement

Some stainless steel bollards aren’t so easy to restore with just a bit of cleaning and polishing. However, you might be reluctant to replace them if you want to avoid the cost and the time it will take. An alternative option is a retrofit bollard sleeve, which fits over the top of an existing bollard. The original bollard doesn’t need to be stainless steel, but the steel sleeve with give it a smart new look. They can be used to match any existing bollards, including both contemporary and historical designs, so you don’t have to worry about the sleeve sticking out or unnecessarily retrofit bollards that don’t need it to make them all match.

Maintain Your Bollards Regularly

Regular maintenance of your business’s bollards helps to keep them in great condition. You can avoid having to replace them or do extensive repairs if you choose to prevent problems instead of fixing them. Remembering to maintain your bollards isn’t always easy, but you can make it easier with a maintenance contract. You can guarantee you’ll have an expert come to take care of your bollards for you, cleaning and polishing them to keep them in good condition. You can have someone come twice a year to make your bollards shiny throughout the seasons. It’s worth being proactive, instead of letting your bollards slowly deteriorate.

Replace Old Bollards Seamlessly

When bollards get into particularly bad condition, or you just don’t like the look of them anymore, replacing them can be a more attractive proposition than repairing or retrofitting them. If you just need to replace one or two bollards, Integrated Metal Supplies can ensure that they match the original ones that are left. Just being able to replace the stainless steel street bollard that you need to, and not replacing them all, saves you money and time. We will do our best to replace with a product that matches your bollards, and we can even use powder coating to colour match too.

Don’t Neglect Your Bollards

They might seem minor, but your bollards are part of your business, and you need to take care of them.  Whether they mark off a pedestrian area or they’re designed to improve security for your business, they should look good and maintain their solid structure so they can do their job. Don’t let your business and your neighbourhood down by letting them fall into disrepair. Regular maintenance will keep them looking good, but it’s never too late to make repairs or replacements if the damage has already been done.

Stainless steel bollards are a fantastic choice to help protect your business. Make sure that yours are in excellent condition at all times, so your business presents a good image to all.