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How Stainless Steel Bollard Restoration Helps Your Business

Many businesses use bollards for security and protection. They’re common in carparks or in driveways, as well as in front of shops, usually to prevent vehicles or perhaps shopping trolleys from travelling in particular directions. Whether they’re static bollards or they can be moved up and down, they’re often a necessary measure of business security. However, [...]
Bollard Restoration - Integrated Metal Supplies

Why You Need a Steel Restoration Service

Stainless steel is useful for creating a wide range of structures and features, from bollards and railings to stair handrails and balconies. It can be used in a variety of styles for many different purposes, making it a versatile material to use for businesses in both residential and commercial spaces. Stainless steel is strong, durable [...]
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Street Furniture Restoration

Street Furniture Restoration – A New Lease Of Life! We all know the sight of that decrepit street furniture. That nobody wants to sit on, never mind touch! Scratches, graffiti, chewing gum. Either way, it’s not a nice sight and becomes an eyesore to the public, which shouldn’t happen! A bit of Street furniture restoration [...]